Jul 28, 2015

We would like to announce that we are relocating our business to Ballarat to continue our training. This has been a decision that hasn’t been taken lightly. The last 12 months has made us realize that it is becoming increasingly difficult to offer a service to the high standard required. We are continually getting jump outs called off and race meetings transferred away on the other side of town. There are becoming less and less opportunities to place our horse’s in suitable races and track conditions. Track rider availability is a concern and when our track rider injured herself we had to drive to Sale to get horse’s worked. We would like to be able to offer a better standard of service to all our clients and also give our horse’s every opportunity to reach their potential. We have purchased a property at Ballarat that is going to open up so many opportunities for you and your horse’s. The Ballarat property is only 8 minutes to the  track and offers the following facilities

- 800m sand track

- Swimming Pool

- Stable Complex

- Many Post and Rail paddocks with walk in walk out boxes to continue training as we are now

- 25 tracks withing 90mins, 20 tracks within 60mins

Ballarat Training Centre

- 2 sand tracks

- 2 Grass tracks

- 1400m uphill synthetic track

- Viscoride

- Swimming Pool

- Jumps Lane

- Bull Ring

- Plenty of other tracks around the racetrack

We feel this is the perfect time to make the transition and we are positive it is only going to benefit everyone. In October alone we have 23 race meetings to choose from as here we will only have 8. We can place our horse’s in the right race, right track condition and right barrier. This move will take place at the start of October.